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have never used any products from the new england compounding center. epidural had been a standard for any relief. >> depends on the preference of the doctor, how easy it is and the way we were trained. i was trained to mix my medication by myself. i don't use compounded medication, but there's nothing wrong with using compounded medication. the only draw back, which is causing the scare now in the public is the infection. >> swouns wednesday again, we want -- once again we want top stress none of the med star hospitals has used it. seven centers have used the epidurals for pain treatment. go to our website for more information. >>> in august we told you about an internet scam that locks up your computer allowing scammers to demand a random to fix it. that is back and now they are using a state agency to try to fool you with it. you suffer the web thinking no one is looking over your shoulder but scammers want you to believe big brother is minding your business. >> it's scary. >> reporter: frightening because this scam involves con artists claiming to be with the state
for all year long and really having a hurricane go right by us gives them the kind of conditions they want to be out of. there are piers in boynton beach. it's creating dangerous conditions. we have schools closed for today and tomorrow. so some closures, but it doesn't look look we'll have any severe weather. down here in florida, we are used to that but, of course, these guys are loving it. back to you. >> you see they are feeling the effects, but we are bracing it. >> our coverage continues. roosevelt leftwich joins us with more on what bge is doing to prepare. >> reporter: if there's anything to like about the storm, it's the fact it will give you plenty of time to prepare. they suggested you do the same. depending on where hurricane sandy hits, it could give us rain or huge trees and power lines down. thousands were left without power back in the summer. bge is preparing for hundreds or thousands of outages. they're getting ready. >> bge has mobilized the employees. we are reaching out to bring in additional crews to help us in the case we see power outages from the storm. >> reporter
the use of audio recordings. >> the technology exists to have the cameras be -- the audio be turned on only when there is a public safety incident that would warrant it. >> reporter: whether it's assault on a bus, crash with another vehicle or just a rude traffic. baltimore, abc 2news. >> the recordings will be kept for 30 days and nobody will monitor every conversation. once they reach a database government can't be trusted to keep them from using them as it wants. >> weather wise temperatures have been mild. in the 60's. you see the clouds whipping by and now they thicken up out there. to the west the problem. big storm system over the great lakes, trailing front south of that system will push in a wave of scattered showers, overnight tonight. 55, overnight with cloudy breezy conditions, look for hit and miss rain in the morning drive. when it gets out of here. big changes coming up. >> thank you. today a city mourned as four small children and their grandmother were laid to rest. than and i her four grandchildren were remembered as loving people. today nearly a thousand folks
're not notified from -- of a death, then the name stays. we used to get it in writing from the local court. now it's give tonight state and the state purges those names from the voter rolls. >> reporter: hey said they sent the -- he said they sent the results to the state but have not heard back about the findings. katie brown said they reviewed that information and have taken steps to verify that information and will act if they find any issues. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> a beautiful fall day. october the 1st. >> but little rain might be coming our way. look who's back. let's check in with chief meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> glad to be back from cincinnati. the purple was not popular out there last week. clouds rolling in, changing weather. we've got a night where we will begin to see the showers roll. i think we're good for the rest of the evening but a stray shower. thunderstorms as this large hear of low pressure begins to drift east. as we go into the day tomorrow and early wednesday, this evening 70 or so will fall into the 60s and the possibility of showers into the morning commut
, we want to know will it affect us here. let's find out from meteorologist wyatt everhart with the latest on sandy's path. >>> she is a hurricane, now moving toward eastern cuba and eventually what we're watching or expecting from sandy is a move out of the caribbean sea and tracking up into the south part of the waters off of play -- florida, off the carolinas and hooking up with cold air from the are in the and west. this will be a very interesting weather situation, especially, we think being for the new england states, maybe maryland, skeeterring south of where the -- skirting south of it. in the short run, enjoy some nice weather. don't forget to check out our abc2 news weather and news apps. they're all available in the itunes store. you may want to search wmar and weather right down it your neighborhood and zip code. check this out. >>> tonight five for carroll high school students face charges. >> neighbors in northern carroll county have been under siege as vandals racked up more than $20,000 in damages. >> reporter: for months, carroll county sheriff's deputies s
strong chair right. these recent moves come on the heels of a report made by the u.s. ant tie doping agency. >> the race is sunday in hunt valley. you can still register using a link on the website or race day. we'll be in hunt valley. you'll find out information about the race, traffic and road closures coming up on sunday morning. >> nearly 40,000 customers were overcharged and have since been refunded but that hasn't stopped the class action lawsuit. former mayor am candidate and current -- mayoral candidate notified the suit. it alleges unfair treatment from the city and they allowed city businesses to rack up large water bill debt while families were forced from their homes. the mayor weighed in on this impending lawsuit. >> time after time it's very clear to mow that threaten -- me that threatening to soup doesn't solve -- soup -- sue doesn't solve the problem. >> the city solicitor says he believes it's a publicity stunt. >>> continuing coverage as baltimore county is moving forward with new school security measures in the wake of the perry hall high school school shewels. on
thankful this isn't -- the most serious is north of us in new jersey and new york city. >> that doesn't mean we were spared. sandy left her mark on downed trees. >> we have two people who have been killed, two from car accidents. one man died what he tree fell on top of him. nationally we have 39 people dying because of this storm so far. >> most of us are just dealing with the podges -- power outages and the cleanup but one family is grieving the death of a father. people have been coming by looking at the home. it's been devastating for the family. >> reporter: the pasadena man who died in the storm was standing in his kitchen when it happened. a large tree in his fronts yard snapped, crashing into the house killing 74-year-old donald ulman. we caught up with cannata's son. he said their last conversation will haunt him for some time. >> was standing in the doorway. he said what's the matter, son. said i'm a little nervous. the trees are swaying. what's your big concern. that a tree might fall on us pop. that's the last i seen of him. he was killed in the kitchen. >>
everybody that's talking to us on facebook and twitter,, so get onboard. we'll go to meteorologist wyatt everhart with a look at sandy. >>> all right. let's give you the full breakdown on hurricane sandy, still a powerful border line category 2 hurricane. we knew we would maintain strength and perhaps see intensification with the storm. we were a little surprised when we saw this ramp up to 90 miles per hour and prsh down -- pressure down to 940. this puts it at a category two. this unusual super storm. it has in the just taken that hard turn into the states like agnes did, farther north, but the fact this has been strengthening as it comes ashore. we are used to seeing hurricanes weaken as we enter the northern waters, especially am late october. in this situation we have a warm section courtesy of the gulf stream current. we've had almost no shear. unbelievable. winds now sustained near 50. crisfield with reports of significant damage and flooding here at the mouth of the chesapeake. winds have been hard northwest. that, for the first day will help to drain the c
will things clear up soon? >> let's take a look with wyatt everhart. please give us some hope. >> we always have hope. the chance for rain will be there through the evening at lee. scattered showers are tracking but a lot of the rain has moved off to the east. scattered rain. wet weather down 10, down two, down ritchie highway. that will add to the traffic headaches and a couple of thunderstorms. rainfall totals around a third of an earn to a tenth of an inch. 63 in edgewood. drier air beginning to move in out of the south and west. that will impact us by tomorrow. we'll talk about your forecast into the day tomorrow and beyond. >>> new tonight the ravens playoff chances took a big hit. since 1996 ray lewis had been the face of the franchise. >> he will be out after tearing his triceps. roosevelt leftwich with more. >> reporter: it happened near the end of the game. ray lewis was back in the middle of action when he felt that pop in his arm. we all know exactly how bad this tear s if he's going to be out for the rest of the season doctors say it can be one of the worst types o
are looking forward to being surrounded by enthusiastic yankee fans. >> they outnumber us. we outif you outnumber them at baltimore stadium. >> i put up with them in camden yard for years. it's going to be worth it when we walk away with a victory tonight. it will be fun. >> reporter: going to be fun is putting it mildly if we win game five tonight, celebrating from baltimore to york, pennsylvania, all the way to washington state. don harrison, abc2 news. >> talk about oriole nation. cc for the yankees. >> we are going back in to watch this one. going to be a dandy game five. orioles, yankees, no score in the bottom of the fourth. >> we will be in the clubhouse either way. >> go o's. see you later. >>> all right, while the o's are in new york, the bird is staying bus sunny baltimore, he surprised students at stewart hill elementary today. the kids got a visit from the mayor, they had the most improved attendance. they were rewarded with o's gear and will get free tickets too. to get the latest updates on the o's go to maizing. maybe you are too nervous to watch the gam
with those guys in a heart beat, right? >> i don't think buck wants us to trade places, but, sure, that would be fun. >> what are you talking about last night? it's a new night. that's over. that's done with. you have to come in with a new attitude. buck said the club is ready. i like the question asked how available is jim johnson tonight and buck said -- >> very. >> one word response. >> if the orioles are ahead in the 9th inning, you're going to see jim johnson. that's his horse and he will ride him to the end. they should be mentally ready to go. it's another day, another game. joe saunders. i spent the day talking to orioles fans. there will lab will the more orioles fans. you heard the o during the national anthem and will certainly hear it tonight. despite what happened, they are confident the orioles can come out on top. after a punch in the gut, at least there's still a game four. it's a division series that has divided this family. he's an orioles fan. she's a yankees fan. >> one side of the couch various the other side of the couch. >> reporter: after the home run -- >> then the tv
for awhile, made it very difficult for us to get in. >> no one was seriously hurt. firefighters were at the scene well into the afternoon trying to put out some of those hot spots. investigators are still trying to determine a cause. >>> an anne arundel police officer is hurt in crash in glen burnie. the officer apparently was on his way to a call when his car was t-boned by a toyota van that failed to yield. no word on the officer's condition. >>> a man is dead after his scooter collided with a car in disun dock. baltimore county police said dale upper grass was traveling westbound when he struck an on coming car traveling on church road. the scoot are was trying to beat a yellow light and had come around a truck that was coming so the on coming driver couldn't see him until it was too late. >> everybody got out and the whole neighborhood came to the guy's aids. he wasn't moving. he wasn't responding. when the ambulance took him away, there were no sirens or anything. >> he was pronounced dead. the accident still under investigation. >>> i want you to take a good look at this sketch
's killer. >> as jeff hager tells us tonight, detectives rereleased surveillance photos to help jog your memory. >> police are hoping to turn back the clock where these surveillance photos show three men may have gotten away with murder. they followed 21-year-old n ico gayles and forced their way in. he called police. he was supposed to be picking up his mother at the subway that night. >> my husband called in route to tell me he may be in trouble and i didn't want to believe it but when i got to my destination and he wasn't there, i knew because my son would never not pick me up. >> later a few blocks away from the mcdonald's, someone noticed a car parked with a driver sitting unresponsive behind the wheel. this was nico. >> hes with found with multiple gunshot wounds. >> a year later police are no closer to solving it. he had aspired to be a musician and musician. >> some days are more difficult than others. there's never a day that goes by. it will be this way for the rest of our lives. >> reporter: this grieving mother is hoping even if it costs $10,000, someone will help find their
harrison tells us what the capitol is doing get ready for sandy. >> hurricane sandy, is on the way. >> the mayor and his emergency management team are checking everything being this close to the water, the city keeps an eye on the weather. >> we have inspectors out, making sure we are eke checking the storm drain to remove debris and leaves. we are doing all the little things. >> reporter: preparations are nothing new for people who lyand own businesses downtown. >> the city as to courtesy of the residents and businesses provide sand and sandbags and it's a self service thing but we will do that again. one of the businesses that may need the sandbag, is steven's hardware, selling storm items from lamps to extension cords to tarps. even though some businesses have been through this before, it doesn't make it any easier, it's never easy because you rarely want to go through it again. you say i hope it never happens again. i have had earthquakes and tornados and hurricanes, high tides and floods. high winds. everything in the last year it seems like. >> the key is, there is no need to
home using amtrak, can't get home using the transportation that i've already paid for. >> by early afternoon amtrak had restored service to two of the three northbound lains. work continued above the third. >>> hang matters worse for commuters, 95 near tidings bridge was shut down for most of the day. it happened southbound. the lanes are back open. two of the three lanes are back up and running as well. >> feel bad for those yankees fans. >>> those amtrak delays may have kept them from getting pack to new york but it did not stop jamie costello and christian schaffer. jamie and christian are in new york following the o's as they get ready for game three. >> right now it's 55 degrees and evercast. tomorrow 66 degrees but we'll get the game. if you're driving in from baltimore, tickets are available. we just saw a couple of scalpers for about $50. the orioles and yankees will play game three tomorrow night. this will be gonzales for us. corona for them. we're still cheering. never have we seen oriole park look this crowd, 40,000 plus. it was ichiro coming around to score. it was chr
us all thoughts are on the orioles beating the rangers. >> it's going to be a tough game but i think we'll do well. even though we're in texas, we'll do well. the bull pen is hanging in there. >> reporter: the plaque and orange is evident -- black and orange is evident on main street. >> it's been so exciting. they're a young team. it's great to see them playing so hard. it really gets you excited for the orioles. >> reporter: city leaders are also feeling the o's magic. >> we're excited. we're calling it purple and orange fridays. we're doing hour monthly block parties. we'll have a little mini rally and give away prizes, go out and watch the game on tv. we're excited. >> reporter: he is hoping for more high want to see it between the nationals and the o's. people will be happy and spending money. >> the first wild card game in the american league we've seen all battling in a winner take all. the mini rally goes on until 8:00 tonight. also, her at buffalo wild wings, still a few seats available. they will be filling up, all leading to the anticipation, jeff hague are, now back to --
in by tonight and will be with us tomorrow. forecast 7:30. the temperatures will be dropping. there is a chance of a spot shower. it's going to be more on the cool side. take a look at the forecast. back close to home, 60 degrees. we're going down to 41 for your overnight low tment will be a struggle to get to 60. >> thanks a lot. our health alert tonight more people are being diagnosed with meningitis after getting those tainted steroid shots. 137 cases have been reported in 10 states. 12 people have died. nine people have been sickened in our state. doctors say that people who have been notified by one of the eight clinic hogs gave out taint -- clinics who gave out tainted medication -- >> we're trying to make sure we balance this whole thing in terms of risk and benefits, that we balance the safety of our patients but at the same time we don't go historic -- hysteric. >> more than 50 people have come. >>> the emergency rooms and doctors have performed an unprecedented 45 spinal taps to test the disease. 43 were negative and only two required more testing. if none of the symptoms are present,
their homework, use computers. this it have a safe place to be and they learn good skills so he will grow up to be good citizens in the community. over here you have the dawson family garden, a living memorial that died because they wanted to keep their streets safe. in a few minutes, about 6:30 the mayor along with several other city officials will be out here to on north family -- honor the family for this 10-year anniversary. we'll have more at 11. reporting life, roosevelt leftwich. >> dawson family, will never forget them. >> we're thinking pink all month here on abc2 but today there's another color to add in that mix -- purple. ravens quarterback joe flacco and others stopped by the hospital. >> i want to give my two cents to whatever it is, to people. this whole month is huge for me. i just want to be involved in every shape possible. >> the ravens will continue to wear special pink cleats, gloves and other clothing. >>> it's not just the ravens but everybody's opportunity to get the word out about breast cancer awareness. baltimore county had a pink pep rally today to promote pink sp you can also shear your stan photo -- share your fan photos with us and check out the omazing pictures. >>> from double blizzards to hurricane irene to the most recent storms, massive power failures have left maryland crippled. now the governor is suggesting a rate increase. >> reporter: am july tens of thousands were in the dark, some for a full week after a duratio. because of that the governor assemble add task force to look in the way electric companies can service customers better. one recommendation is to charge you more a dollar or two in a surcharge to go toward power lines. >> strengthening it so it can within stand the increasingly frequent and violent events. >> reporter: some lawmakers feel they're unnecessary. >> it's supposed to be part of their budget already. >> reporter: in light of the recent outages, many customers aren't willing to pay more. >> when they don't provide electricity, that's unfair. >> i think they pay too much already. my electric bill is quite high. i don't think we need to give anymore. >> reporter: the governor said electric com
because they talked to much. >> listening to the conversations led us to their midlevel suppliers. from then they were able to get wire tap orders for them and continued that investigation which was more undercover work, sister surveillance we were able to identity the suppliers in go georgia. >> 13 people were arrested here and are facing state charges. it also caught one of the most wanted men. who was wanted on drug charges. arrests were made after raids on streets. this all starts in december after a spike in drug violence led deputies to put several people under electronic surveillance. they say the investigation has shut them down. >> they want to bring in drugs to poison and kill hour children you are not welcome, we will find you. >> reporter: deputies say the investigation is not over. they are still getting information they hope could lead to more arrests. >> we have new information in the death of anthony anderson. the results of their investigation will go straight to the state attorney who will decide if the state is a home sid, justified or unjustified. police first sai
the damage for themselves, telling us and each other stories about how they road out hurricane sandy. >> i was sitting in my room. you didn't know if the window would shatter. >> it's something you can't believe. >> reporter: this man is a doctor. he stayed behind at a local hospital as sandy made landfall. >> they were evacuatin i'm originally from afghanistan. i can relate to this. we didn't evacuate. my son, he wants to see it. >> reporter: normally this is a booming tourist mecca. right now it's empty. there's plenty of damage and most places don't even have power. cleaning up will take a long time. >> no one has been allowed back into the city. >> reporter: president obama surveyed the area by air and on the ground. he met with governor christie. it will take time to clean up. the ball is rolling and the federal government is very much involved. reporting for abc2 news. >> for will look at all the incredible pictures you have sent in and the video of the damage from all over maryland, just head to >>> real important reminder. many people may have power at home but
and recognizes him and thinks they may have information about other victims to please come and talk to us. >> both the baltimore county fire department and the volunteer fire company have both suspended cottle. jeff hager, abc2 news. >> tonight cottle is being held at the detention center on $150,000 bond. >>> three women abducted, two of the victims teenagers who were shawltd, all of them forced into the car from bus stops from baltimore county and city. police say it was a similar mo in both cases as they would strong arm the suspects into a car, rob them and sexual assault at least two of the victims. it's a terrifying string of crimes that date back to the 25th. they arrested two suspects late last night. >> baltimore city detectives were able to get a partial tag. detectives from both jurisdictions worked together. they were able to identify the own are and connect one -- owner and connect one of the suspects. >> police believe there could be victims from other cases. dectives want to hear from you right away. >>> a pasadena man said he was trying to rescue exotic pets but anne arund
impacted us blowing to the north and east. heavy rain. our attention on this girl, sandy, churning in the caribbean, getting ready to strengthen and all that wind field coming offshore of the southeastern coast as we go toward the second half of the weekend. part of that could factor no our weather sunday, monday and tuesday. meantime, enjoy a great evening. >> imagine this, a knock on the door in the wee hours of the morning, a women in desperate need of help. the cry for help was a setup for a home invasion in cecil county. >> the frantic knock at the door came in the wee hours of the morning, awaking the homeowner who found a distressed woman claiming she had been in a fight with her boyfriend. >> the victim stepped outside and gave this woman her cell phone. as the person who is now a suspect began it appear to make a phone call a male suspect came from around the house and attacked the female victim who was on the porch. he threw her to the ground. >> the woman was able to break free and ran to a nearby house. >> started banging frantically on the door. >> once inside with blo
Search Results 0 to 22 of about 23